Pegasus Mail Pegasus Mail

Sending and receiving email with Pegasus Mail in Windows

Pegasus Mail is a donationware, proprietary email client that is developed and maintained by David Harris and his team. The latest version 4.70 was released on 8 March 2014. Here we use "" as an example to configure this email client.

Step 1: Add an email account

Listing Item   To setup an IMAP account, first launch Pegasus Mail, click "Tools" tab and choose "Internet Options..". The "Internet Mail Options" window will show up. The easiest way to setup an email account is to "Start Setup Wizard".

Pegasus Email Client Setup

Listing Item  Enter your email address and click Next to continue.

Step 2: Setup SMTP outgoing mail server

Listing Item   As you continue, you will see this window asking for your POP3 server address, we are setting up an IMAP account, so leave this box blank and click Next.

Pegasus Email Client Setup

Listing Item  In the window that shows up, enter your full email address as the username, and your email account's password. Click Next to continue.

Listing Item   Use as outgoing mail server then click Next.

Listing Item   Ensure the "Network or Broadband" option is selected, then click Next. Then click Finish.

Pegasus Email Client Setup

Pegasus Email Client Setup

Listing Item   Now click "Sending(SMTP)" tab to configure the outgoing mail server. Click on the SMTP server address( ) we just set up, and click Edit button.

Listing Item   Make sure that SMTP server is port is 465.

Listing Item   In "Security" tab, choose "Via direct SSL connect" to ensure a secure connection. Check the "Login to the SMTP server using a POP3 username/password", and click Select to choose a POP3 profile.

Pegasus Email Client Setup

Listing Item   Choose the POP3 definition we just setup and click Select. Then click OK twice to finish the configuration for the outgoing mail server.

Step 3: Set up IMAP incoming mail server

Listing Item  To set up IMAP incoming mail server, click "Tools" tab and choose "IMAP profiles..". Click New to add a new IMAP profile.

Pegasus Email Client Setup

Listing Item   Enter a name for the IMAP connection, here we will just use "IMAP". Use as mail server. And use IMAP SSL port 993. You need to put in user name and password one more time.

Listing Item   Click on "Settings" tab and do the configuration as shown in the picture below.

Pegasus Email Client Setup

Listing Item   Click on "Security" tab choose "Via direct SSL connect". Check the IMAP settings and click OK to finish.

Pegasus Email Client Setup

Listing Item   In this window, click "Done" to save all your settings.

Pegasus Email Client Setup

Now you will be able to send and receive emails for the account we just set up in Pegasus Mail.

NOTE: If you are using POP3 protocol, please change the incoming server address to, and POP SSL port 995. If you are using non SSL port, please refer here for port information.