Chrome shows 'Not Secure' warning for non-HTTPS pages Chrome shows 'Not Secure'...

Chrome shows 'Not Secure' warning for non-HTTPS pages


Since the July 2018 release of Chrome 68, Chrome started showing the “Not secure” warning for all sites served over HTTP.

SSL Certificate to Secure your Site
The 'Not secure' warning does not necessarily mean the website has been compromised. It is a precautionary move by Google to inform website visitors their browsing and communications are not encrypted. However, the warning can easily make website users confused and make them interpret some security issues with the website. It can also seriously impact the bounce rate of the website. Credit card information and passwords are not the only types of data that can trigger the 'Not Secure' warning on an HTTP page. According to Chrome, any type of data that users type into websites should not be accessible to others on the internet.

SSL Certificate to Secure your Site
Moving your website to HTTPS costs as little as $17/year and it enables the best performance and powerful new features that HTTP cannot offer. It is as simple as installing an SSL certificate on your web server. The benefits of SSL certificates include and are not limited to:

- Encrypt sensitive information
- Gain your customers’ trust
- Get a professional look
- SEO ranking boost

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