Verisign Increases .COM Domain Price on September 1 Verisign Increases .COM D...

Verisign Increases .COM Domain Price on September 1


VeriSign, the Registry Operator for the .COM domain, is increasing the annual registration price to 9.59 USD. Domain Registration
Verisign has been increasing the registration fee every year with the registration price being 7.85 USD back in 2021. We do not have a plan to increase our price yet but it may come at a later date.

The 9.59 USD price Verisgn charges is the price registrars like Dynu or Godaddy need to pay to register a .com for a given customer. You may see many registrars offering a .com domain for cheap such as $5, they'd be losing money to register the domain name on your behalf and will likely make it up by a higher service fee in related services such as hosting or support.

If you are considering purchasing a .COM domain name, we suggest that you do so before the price goes up. If you own a .COM domain name and it is in active use, you should grasp the opportunity and renew it for a long term to take advantage of the lower price.

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